Our First Rehearsal

The band’s first rehearsal with new bassist Kris Hudson-Lee happened today in a cold rehearsal room in Bury. It was great getting to know each other, and definitely bodes well for the future! The first gig with the new line-up will be at Bilston in May

A New Bassist for Strangefish

Strangefish are pleased to welcome onboard Kris Hudson-Lee who will be adding the low notes to future gigs. Kris is an experienced bassist with many gigs history. You might have seen him before – he is also the bassist in Ethryll; who supported Strangefish last year at The Local Authority.

Merry Christmas!

A very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all the band! Cheers!

Bilston – A rather special gig.

As a salute to band supporter Dave and his late wife Steph we will be playing an event on the 5th of May at The Robin 2, Bilston. We’ll be joined by The John Hackett Band and Encircled. Doors are early – 6pm – and tickets are available from The Robin.

… in the press (Norway)

permafrost.today/2018/07/20/strangefish-mediastyrt-verden “The Spotlight Effect is called album which is a sequel to Fortune Telling from 2006. 12 years is a long time, but then also the Machesterband Strangefish has been on and off since they started in 1989. Only three albums has this neoprog band managed to get out with the mentioned The Spotlight Effect….

Review : The Spotlight Effect – from Progradar

Review – Strangefish – The Spotlight Effect – by James R. Turner Original Review Back in the day when I was more heavily involved in helping at gigs and on merch desks for the CRS than I am now (and we’re talking not quite 20 years ago) I had the pleasure of seeing some amazing…

Review : The Spotlight Effect – from Sea of Tranquility

Original review published here What is this Strangefish that’s scuttled up to us after some twelve years out in the cold? Putting themselves front and centre under The Spotlight Effect, the UK progsters return with their first new album since 2006’s Fortune Telling and having added bassist Carl Howard and co-vocalist Jo Whittaker to their original quartet of…

New Album – The Spotlight Effect

Strangefish announce third studio album, ‘The Spotlight Effect,’ on 18th June. We’ve never been blessed with a great sense of urgency, so two years on from deciding we had enough in the bag for the album and kick-started the recordings, here we are finally with a new collection of songs, of which we all feel…